Shopyte SS/20

An unexpected brand that shows a stunning collection which stands out at London Fashion Week ‘sparks joy’ in me, as Marie Kondo would put it. As for someone like me, the shows and presentations can - not going to lie - get a little tedious and then there comes a moment of utter relief when something out of the ordinary flows down the runway. Shopyte is one of those shows where carefully thought out creativity, finesse and an overall refined and minimalism approach was thoughtfully added to the collection. Embellished loose blazers and long skirts were paired with silk shirts allowing for feminine silhouettes through layering sheer and soft fabrics with the strong structure of blazers and blazer jackets. Bringing some attitude and ‘religious style’ - the models wore black wide brim black hats, channelling their inner Beyonce formation look, topped with black fashion pollution masks which elevated the entire collection. What set’s Shopyte apart, for me that is, is the use of natural materials such as silks, cottons and wools while also being innovative and sustainable. In order to create a more sustainable collection, the collection includes looks which are classic and transcend ‘fast fashion’ trends to create timeless pieces. Interestingly, Shopyte was the only emerging sustainable and conscious show which I attended and it was one of my most memorable show this season.

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