Mark Fast - SS/20

Choosing to bring neon colours, Mark Fast Spring / Summer 2020 is much more than just a collection. It’s Mark’s canvas where he painted, on 47 looks, a reflection of his past signature styles and incorporated all that he’s refined and learnt over the span of his career. It was a moment where sports luxe met street culture with 1950’s flapper style infused with the casual looks. It was the most exciting runway of this seasons for me since the style and the pieces where so authentic to who Mark is as a designer as as a brand. His apparent attempt at updating his entire collection by creating more wearable pieces paid of creatively and practically this season. We saw a lot of wearable pop art unisex jumpers designed with the Mark Fast scribble logo, bomber jackets with the logo’s defined in a straight tape style lines, mens fishnet shirts, women’s oversized shirts with neon pop art, neon skirts and co-ord sets - all relatable and wearable for the London street style culture and crowd. However, here’s where it gets interesting, although the style is very street culture meets pop art, there are looks which very cleverly infuse the flapper aspect. There were dresses with long fringes, similar to his Autumn / Winter 2017 collection along with his signature style of 1950’s flapper girl elements like fur sleeves and feathered extensions at the bottom of mini skirts and knit tube dress tops elongated with long fur skirts. This seasons runway collectively showcased all of Mark’s talent as a designer and you can start to see that he knows himself very well and is really comfortable experimenting and mixing various concepts together to make them his own.

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Images courtesy of Spring London